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Pacifico Airport Valet Parking

6715 Essington Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19153


Very Dissatisfied customer

I had the worst experience I have ever had with my car at Pacifico. I paid extra to have my car brought to me but when I called it was a mess. There was a rally at the airport that evening and Pacifico will extremely ill prepared to handle it. The dispatcher completely lied to me and told me that the driver had left when he hadn't even clocked in. She told me to wait at Arriving instead of Departure which I did. I watched many Pacifico drivers come and go giving cars to people long after me. I waited and called them over and over for almost two hours for my car! Finally, when the Pacifico drivers took pity on me standing in the cold as they came and went, the van drove around to locate my car, which was idling at Baggage (which is not where the dispatcher told me to stand). The driver and the dispatcher never communicated and they had no idea which driver even had my car. It was a total mess and Pacifico was so disorganized and incapable of even tracking their drivers. I am sorry to hear about your bad experience on Sunday nite. As I'm sure you know, there were Trump protestors blocking both the arrival and departure sides of the Airport. Our drivers were stuck in "no mans land" unable to get in, or out of the area. Being a prior customer, you know EVERY EFFORT is made to get you picked up within 20 mins from the time you call. could you please provide contact info so I can reach out to you Timmy O'Brien General Manager Pacifico Airport Valet 215 492 0990 Since 11975, the original, and STILL the best!

We have temporarily suspended service*.  Please check back for more information.
*If you are currently parked with us we will be operating with a reduced staff and will be ready.  Please note if you are returning earlier or later than indicated, please contact us at 215-492-0990
Thank you !!
The Pacifico Valet Team