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Pacifico Airport Valet Parking

6715 Essington Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19153


there is no tip

We were leaving from the airport. The driver gave me our copy of the receipt and the clipboard to sign for yours. He told I had not put a tip on the receipt. I told him a always tip cash and gave it to him. He took it and loaded three small carry on bags. I was distracted for a minute and when I looked back he had walked away and the two large heavy suitcases were still on the ground behind the car and I had to load them myself. We have bouncing your service for over twenty years and this is the first time this has happened. Is this a change in your service or just a one time thing? Thank you for your feedback - even though negative, I want and need to know of any issues, so they can be corrected. Being a long time customer, you know that is not the way we do things. Safety and Customer service are our top 2 priorities !!! - I would like the opportunity to speak to you about this matter, can i call or email you ?? Timmy OBrien General Manager Valet

We have temporarily suspended service*.  Please check back for more information.
*If you are currently parked with us we will be operating with a reduced staff and will be ready.  Please note if you are returning earlier or later than indicated, please contact us at 215-492-0990
Thank you !!
The Pacifico Valet Team