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Pacifico Airport Valet Parking

6715 Essington Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19153


Sheldon Pollack

long delay
We came in from the west coast at midnight. Had to wait almost an hour for our car. Was told a nonsense story to explain the delay. In fact, the car had never been brought over from the 70th street lot, and there were only two drivers on duty. We have used Pacifico since the late 1980s, but this is it for us. Not the first time we have had to wait beyond the 10-15 minutes it takes to drive over from the office.. hi I am sorry to hear about your bad experience, being a long time customer, you know that is not the way we do things Just to clear up a few things, I have left you 2 voice messages, with the intent of making things right for you. Also, we would never have only 2 drivers working. The fact your car was at our auxiliary yard should never have any bearing on your service ( in fact the yard is actually closer to the airport !! ) Regardless of your vehicles location, it should never take more than 20 mins for us to deliver your car ( 10-15 mins is unrealistic...its over 4 miles from here to the Airport ) I will try again to contact you, i certainly do not want to lose you as my customer !!!! I am glad we got a chance to speak and resolve the issue......see you soon !!!! Timmy OBrien General Manager

We have temporarily suspended service*.  Please check back for more information.
*If you are currently parked with us we will be operating with a reduced staff and will be ready.  Please note if you are returning earlier or later than indicated, please contact us at 215-492-0990
Thank you !!
The Pacifico Valet Team