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Great value and service
February 6, 2017

I've been using Pacifico valet for over ten years now. No hassle, rarely a wait, great customer service and courteous drivers. Being dropped of at the terminal with no worries and leaving from the terminal is the best.

Stellar and Secure Service EVERY time!
February 4, 2017

I've been using Pacifico Valet for many years. Each experience has been nothing short of perfect service at the front desk and by the drivers! VERY courteous and caring, and every employee represents the agency VERY well! Additionally, I have never had an issue with the security of my vehicle. I highly recommend Pacifico!

Very Dissatisfied customer
January 30, 2017

I had the worst experience I have ever had with my car at Pacifico. I paid extra to have my car brought to me but when I called it was a mess. There was a rally at the airport that evening and Pacifico will extremely ill prepared to handle it. The dispatcher completely lied to me and told me that the driver had left when he hadn't even clocked in. She told me to wait at Arriving instead of Departure which I did. I watched many Pacifico drivers come and go giving cars to people long after me. I waited and called them over and over for almost two hours for my car! Finally, when the Pacifico drivers took pity on me standing in the cold as they came and went, the van drove around to locate my car, which was idling at Baggage (which is not where the dispatcher told me to stand). The driver and the dispatcher never communicated and they had no idea which driver even had my car. It was a total mess and Pacifico was so disorganized and incapable of even tracking their drivers.

I am sorry to hear about your bad experience on Sunday nite. As I'm sure you know, there were Trump protestors blocking both the arrival and departure sides of the Airport. Our drivers were stuck in "no mans land" unable to get in, or out of the area. Being a prior customer, you know EVERY EFFORT is made to get you picked up within 20 mins from the time you call. could you please provide contact info so I can reach out to you

Timmy O'Brien
General Manager
Pacifico Airport Valet
215 492 0990
Since 1975, the original, and STILL the best!

Always reliable
January 25, 2017

Used Pacifico for over 10 years. Very consistent quality service, prompt and courteous.

Not up to par
January 23, 2017

We have used Pacifico Airport /Valet service no less than a dozen times Always with extreme satisfaction. However, yesterday we were extremely dissatisfied not only did it take 8 calls to get through without being cut off. But when the driver arrived he sat in the car until I opened the hatch back and lifted up and put in a very large suit case, and then he watched my 70 year old husband lift and load the other three bags, We always tip between $10 to $15 dollars to the driver according to what we feel to be courteous service. Needless to say we didn't tip this driver it was not just overlooked, Prior to this we always have had excellent service. I would normally give it 5 stars however today I would give it 2 only because at least we got our car back.

I am sorry to hear about your bad experience yesterday, being a long time customer, you know that is not the way we do things. Can you please call me, or supply a number so I can call you to resolve this issue. Thank You.

Timmy O'Brien
General Manager
Pacifico Airport Valet
215 492 0990

Cynthia Turner
January 21, 2017

We use Pacifico every time we travel out of Philadelphia. Takes no time to sign in & drivers are always available to get us to airport quickly. I especially like that Pacifico will deliver our car to us at the airport on our arrival so we waste no time in getting home. Very dependable service. I recommend Pacifico to all our friends.

Always great service!
January 18, 2017

We've been using Pacifico for over 25 years. Service is also prompt and reliable. And you can get your car detailed too!

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  • To Our Valued Customers – A Letter from our GM

    In May of 2013 the City of Philadelphia started charging all off-site Airport Parking Facilities an Airport Access Fee of $1.82 per customer, with yearly increases.

    That contract expired in July of 2019. Moving forward, starting in August of 2019, the agreement is for $2.80 per customer, with an increase every August.

    Unlike our competitors, the Pacifico family has chosen NOT to use this fee to generate revenue and just charge what the City of Philadelphia is charging us.

    I personally apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and my wish is it will not affect you trusting us with your vehicle.

    Best Regards,
    Timmy OBrien
    General Manager