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Amanda. R
March 29, 2020
Not impressed

Used Pacifico since a little girl with my family. Seems to be a new face every visit. New staff isn’t knowledgeable of the business they’re in.

I am sorry to hear that things apparently did not so as smoothly as in the past. Is there something i can help you with ??

Timmy OBrien
General Manager

Marcy Endy
February 23, 2020

Always used their valet service when flying out of Philly. Price is fair, drivers are friendly, very good service.

Thomas G
January 17, 2020
New to this!

Phoned in. A representative said no res needed. Arrived, and was totally scolded for not having a reservation! When we were finally noticed my wife asked for more information about the service. Wrong thing to do I guess. 🙁
Prices didn’t match what’s advertised, and a bunch of hidden fees. Wow. Long story short I didn’t park my vehicle there. P.S the representative argued with me and other workers for about 5 minutes that my vehicle was a Honda Accord when in fact it’s a Honda Insight

i am sorry to hear about your bad experience.As far as reservations are concerned, we are more than happy to take them (we can do it for you, or you can go on line)but are never required - just be sure to be here AT LEAST 20 mins before you need to be at the airport
As far as pricing , we have no hidden costs .Rates are posted thru out the office ( and also on our web site )

And i did review the tapes regarding the vehicle issue, your right, could have been handled a little better.

I hope the next time you travel, you will give us another chance

Timmy OBrien
General Manager

Paula D
December 15, 2019
VIP Member

Good service and value.

Kevin C
November 17, 2019

I have used Pacifico several times. This is a great service, and their drivers were very nice.

david p decker
November 11, 2019

driver was sent to the wrong location at PHL. had to stand in the cold for 40 mins.

John/Sharon Coyle
October 30, 2019

We have been using Pacifico for several years and been very happy with the convenience of it and even recommended that our son use it, which he did. We arrived back in Philadelphia after midnight on October 16th. We had to wait for our car for over 40 minutes and the person who brought it to us definitely had an attitude. We’re hoping this was a one time episode.

  • **Manual Transmissions Welcome**
    While our competitors may no longer accept manual transmissions, we still do! We’ll take care of driving you to the airport in the comfort of your own vehicle whether it’s an automatic or manual.

  • Directions to Pacifico Airport Valet in the Philadelphia Automall.

  • Pacifico Airport Valet parking links to the PHL arrival page.

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  • To Our Valued Customers – A Letter from our GM

    In May of 2013 the City of Philadelphia started charging all off-site Airport Parking Facilities an Airport Access Fee of $1.82 per customer, with yearly increases.

    That contract expired in July of 2019. Moving forward, starting in August of 2019, the agreement is for $2.80 per customer, with an increase every August.

    Unlike our competitors, the Pacifico family has chosen NOT to use this fee to generate revenue and just charge what the City of Philadelphia is charging us.

    I personally apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and my wish is it will not affect you trusting us with your vehicle.

    Best Regards,
    Timmy OBrien
    General Manager