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Pacifico Airport Valet Parking

6715 Essington Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19153


Long Term Parking

Pacifico Airport Valet parking is available for both short term and long term parking customers using Philadelphia International Airport. The same great valet parking service is available for both Philadelphia Airport long-term parking and short-term parking. Just arrive at our facility 20 minutes before you want to be at Philadelphia International Airport and we’ll take care of the rest!

Your Car is Safe

At Pacifico, our parking lot is surrounded by strong, sturdy fencing to keep out car burglars, graffiti “artists” and smash and grab types. We also have bright, well-maintained lighting throughout our lot to illuminate every car. Additionally, we have a state-of-the-art surveillance system so our lot and any activity is constantly monitored. Your car will stay safe at Pacifico.

Parking is Simple and Easy

When your travel plans call for you to be away for an extended period of time, the last thing you need to do is waste valuable time looking for a spot in a PHL lot. Do you really want to drive around one of those lots hoping you get a space close to the shuttle station? I didn’t think so.

Pacifico Airport Valet parks your vehicle in a safe secure lot for you. A professional driver transports you to your terminal and manages your luggage. When you return call Pacifico and we will pick you up in a timely manner and manage your luggage. If you purchased our “Sign and Go” option we bring your car to you then you go directly home from the airport in the comfort of your own vehicle. Otherwise we bring you back to our lot so you can finalize your reservation. Either way it’s simple, easy and very inexpensive!

Don’t waste valuable time and money trying to park at Philadelphia International Airport. Instead, make a reservation with Pacifico Airport Valet Parking today. We make long-term parking for Philadelphia International Airport simple, easy and cost-effective.

Parking Icon Reservations

**Manual Transmissions Welcome**
While our competitors may no longer accept manual transmissions, we still do! We’ll take care of driving you to the airport in the comfort of your own vehicle whether it’s an automatic or manual.

To Our Valued Customers – A Letter from our GM

In May of 2013 the City of Philadelphia started charging all off-site Airport Parking Facilities an Airport Access Fee of $1.82 per customer, with yearly increases.

That contract expired in July of 2019. Moving forward, starting in August of 2019, the agreement is for $2.80 per customer, with an increase every August.

Unlike our competitors, the Pacifico family has chosen NOT to use this fee to generate revenue and just charge what the City of Philadelphia is charging us.

I personally apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and my wish is it will not affect you trusting us with your vehicle.

Best Regards,
Timmy OBrien
General Manager

We have temporarily suspended service*.  Please check back for more information.
*If you are currently parked with us we will be operating with a reduced staff and will be ready.  Please note if you are returning earlier or later than indicated, please contact us at 215-492-0990
Thank you !!
The Pacifico Valet Team