Parking at Philadelphia International Airport lots and garages is not exactly cost-effective anymore. What you might gain in convenience is offset by the excessive fees and potential safety risk. Pacifico Airport Valet has a better solution, let me explain.

A Different Kind of Parking

Pacifico created valet parking over 40 years ago and no one in the Philadelphia area has a service quite like ours. We provide parking for your car at a very low price. Forget dealing with slow-running, crowded, uncomfortable shuttles. For a very low price we drive you to the airport in the comfort of your own car. You will not have to deal with the stress of fighting through Philadelphia airport traffic or missing a turn. Our professional driver drops you off at your airline terminal and we manage your luggage for you. We return your car back to our lot and park it safely. Isn’t that easier than driving around in circles looking for a park it yourself lot that actually will be more expensive than Pacifico?

When you return call Pacifico and we will pick you up in a timely manner and manage your luggage. If you purchased our Sign and Go option we bring your car to you then you go directly home from the airport in the comfort of your own vehicle. Otherwise we bring you back to our lot so you can finalize your reservation. Either way it’s simple and easy!


pacifico-airport-valet-parking-lot-10a-1000pxTravelers consistently tell us how concerned they are with safety. Bad enough you won’t find cost-effective parking in one of Philly International’s lots, you are not going to feel especially safe parking your car there either. At Pacifico, our parking lot is surrounded by strong, sturdy fencing to keep out the bad guys. We also have bright lights throughout our lot to illuminate every car. Additionally, we have a state-of-the-art surveillance system so our lot and any activity is constantly monitored.

We understand that you have invested a lot in your car and it is very important to you. We also understand that you trust us to keep your car safe while you are traveling and we will never disappoint you. Pacifico provides the best price and the safest lot of anyone, and everyone, providing parking services for Philadelphia International Airport.

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