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Pacifico Airport Valet Parking

6715 Essington Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19153


One of the biggest problems with using a park-it-yourself lot at Philadelphia International Airport is trying to find a space. You could be driving for a while until you locate a spot. After you park, maybe two blocks from your terminal, you have to transport your luggage from and through the parking lot to your terminal. Not that bad if you only have a carry-on but if you have a full loaf of luggage and three kids. If you are parked two miles from your terminal you can take a perpetually late and crowded shuttle. Either way, you are running a little bit late and you still have to go through security…At Pacifico Airport Valet Parking the above is just a bad dream. We work to make your PHL parking experience simple, convenient and very cost-effective.

Simple and Easy

Instead of the Philly International parking bad dream Pacifico provides valet parking services that save you time, money and considerable amounts of stress. We drive you to the airport, manage your luggage and park your car in our safe and secure lot.

Just arrive at our parking facility 20 minutes before you want to be at the terminal. A Pacifico staff person will check you in and one of our professional drivers will drive you to the airport. You avoid the stress of PHL traffic or hoping you find the right terminal. We will get to the correct terminal in plenty of time with next to zero stress. We’ll drop you off at the correct entrance at your terminal and unload your luggage for you. When you return, call us and we’ll pick you up. Why would you want to take a crowded shuttle ever again?

We are Inexpensive

We understand that Philadelphia International Airport parking is anything but cheap, most especially long-term. We provide cost-effective long-term and short-term parking that helps you save your money for travel, or anything else. We provide vehicle services including oil change packages, state inspection and detailing options at very competitive prices. If your car needs maintenance or you want it detailed, we can take care of that while you’re away. Simply give us your contact number and we’ll call you with an estimate.

Pacifico makes parking at Philadelphia International Airport easy and cost-effective. Call us or book your reservation today for our very low rates.

Parking Icon Reservations

**Manual Transmissions Welcome**
While our competitors may no longer accept manual transmissions, we still do! We’ll take care of driving you to the airport in the comfort of your own vehicle whether it’s an automatic or manual.

To Our Valued Customers – A Letter from our GM

In May of 2013 the City of Philadelphia started charging all off-site Airport Parking Facilities an Airport Access Fee of $1.82 per customer, with yearly increases.

That contract expired in July of 2019. Moving forward, starting in August of 2019, the agreement is for $2.80 per customer, with an increase every August.

Unlike our competitors, the Pacifico family has chosen NOT to use this fee to generate revenue and just charge what the City of Philadelphia is charging us.

I personally apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and my wish is it will not affect you trusting us with your vehicle.

Best Regards,
Timmy OBrien
General Manager

We have temporarily suspended service*.  Please check back for more information.
*If you are currently parked with us we will be operating with a reduced staff and will be ready.  Please note if you are returning earlier or later than indicated, please contact us at 215-492-0990
Thank you !!
The Pacifico Valet Team